Saturday, June 20, 2009

catching up

so we though that we should catch some people up on what has been happening in the Ellis family over the past few months ( for some maybe we should go back a few!! )
Well, Jonty ( our son ) is now 7, playing Rugby League and Yr1 at School. He is just an awesome kid, is a real boy in one sense but then has a softer affectionate side... the best of both worlds. i pray that he won't change as he gets older.
Then theres Lucy whose 4, 5 next month. She is a free soul that one. A very strong young lady ( sometimes you can call it stubborn ) She is daddys little girl. Once again we get the best of both worlds with her as well. Loves her girly things like make up, earrings and dressing up, but then can get out and rough it with the best of them. Soooo very different to Jonty, but welove the fact that our kids are so different. They love each other deeply and are always looking out for each other , but don't woory its not all sweet smelling roses as they can't fight like cat and dog...
So what next..... Well we have moved, AGAIN!! Shan promises that the next time we move will be when we finally buy our own place. Fingers croosed xxx We will be looking for something on a few acres, will need it for our dogs. Dogs..... Greyhounds ( Shannons babies ) we have 2 pups, Dolly & Gina. One that is racing, she is in Melb. So anyway we need room for them. will post some pics of them, i must admit that i was not always fond of the idea of having racing dogs, but now i wouldn't have it any other way, they truly are the most loving animals. i'm sure you will read lots bout them when Shan does his blogs, as thats pretty much all he talks, thinks prabably even dreams!!
that might be enough for now, will post some pics of kids and stuff so you can check them out.
cheers Tash

Whats Happening....

Well, am in the process of organising my daughters 5th b'day party... and it is sooo much fun. She's decided to have a fairy theme, which means lots of sparkles and glitter.. this pic of her is our inspiration..Wish us luck!!