Sunday, March 14, 2010

5 things that made me smile last week.....

1. Watching Jonty sitting on the lounge helping Lucy with her sight words..... they seem to always be fighting about random crap, so this really was something that brought a smile to my face...

2. On Wednesday I went out for lunch with mum, and i had the best chicken wrap eva........ sun dried tomatoes, eggplant....mmm.... theres nothin like a good feed to put a smile on your dial!!!

3. On Thursday I woke up to the sun shining through the blinds and for some strange reason it just made me smile.... :-)

4. Well for those of you that don't know, i work out at Kapooka Army Base. Its the training base for the Australian Army, which means that all of our beloved soldiers do their 80 days basic training there. So when they finish their training they 'March Out'.... it is a kind of ceremony that finalises their training which their family and friends are invited to come to... which brings to my number 4 thing... it was at last fridays march out that i seen a mother hug her son, you could see how proud she was of ' her boy '..... she had tears in her eyes..... this made me think of my own son and how proud i would be if that were him..... so that made me smile...

5. I got a really great comment on a facebook post from a friend that i haven't talked too for ages... its great to know that even if you don't see someone for a long time, and lose contact with old friends, that it doesn't mean that they stop caring...... to that person, if you are reading this... thanx....xxxxx

you know just thinking about these things is making me smile.. So my advice to anyone who is ever feeling a little down hearted, just think back to something or someone that has ever made you smile and i can guarantee that without you even noticing..... A smile will appear... :-)

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