Sunday, March 7, 2010

wow its been a long time.......

Wow.. it has been a long time since i did this. I was reading my last post & seen that it was when we were talking bout moving back to Melbourne, well we didn't.... the kids were too settled at that time so i decided not to, but i can guarantee you that i would of thought bout a thousand different places to move to since then, i am always thinking about moving. I think there is something exciting and exhilerating about moving ( some may say stressful though) and like i need the extra stress.... not!!!
Well lots has been going on in my little circle..... Jonty is now in Yr2,
he is growing up way too fast, there seems to be a little attitude growing
there as well.... hmmm.... nothing i can't handle!!
He is still lovin his footy and starts back playin in the next few weeks....hooray!!!
if theres nothin i love more, its standing in the freezing cold, sleety rain
watching football... ah, who am i kidding its all worth it when he scores a try, or
makes a great tackle :-) .
Lucy started school this year and is LOVING it!!!
Everyday is like her very first day, she jumps out of bed and runs out telling me
' Mum, mum its a school day!!'
she gets very upset on the weekends when she has to stay home...
my only question is.. How long will this last????
So that is what we r up to.... anyway will talk more soon...
luv to u all Tash xxx

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  1. Hi Tash! Nice to see you blogging! Kids have grown so much :)