Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So i found the above picture and thought it showed exactly how i feel today..
You know some days i feel that my life is consumed by washing, 
making beds, vacuuming, ironing and cooking...
I know i am not alone in this world....i'm sure there are millions of other
women ( and men for that matter..) out there that feel exactly the same way.
Anyway thats enough whinging for one post... 
Hope you all have a awesome day....

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  1. Hi Tasha, thanks for the comment on Kapooka. It was a terrible day weatherwise. Before the day we were imagining them suffering from heatstroke not 'drowning'!!LOL
    It's a very proud day for parents and definitely makes you teary!! Fancy you working there on the day we were there. I think the only girls I saw were at the bar as we sat at a table near the bar.
    Have a great weekend